Http Post and only receive head of xml data

I use pub.client:http to post one xml file to another flow service which receive the related data. Before that, I change the xml data to bytes data. In the http flow service, I set up below item.
method: post
loadAs: bytes
data: bytes
password: xxxx
content-type: text/xml

After I run the flow service, i get 200 status code. It seems that the data has been uploaded successfully.

In receive flow service, I set node for input data. Then I use flow service pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument to get document. But when I debug it, I find that only xml head data “<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>” are got, the body data missed.

  Is there any guys who know what is the problem?

best regards

  1. Why use HTTP post to invoke another service on IS?
  2. Why use bytes instead of string?

I just want to make a test to make sure whether the invoked service on IS is ok, or not? Because before we used one jave program to send data from one server to e2. But now when I build another service in e2, It can not receive data successfully.