http method patch call for OAuth as webMethods as a client


I would like to invoke a resource server (OAuth) by using the patch call.

but webMethods provide a service pub.client.oauth:executeRequest, but it allows only PUT, POST, GET and DELETE options.

the service is not allow other http methods ‘patch, trace, head and options’.

Could you please help me, to write a service to invoke the patch call to OAuth server.?


Have you tried to put the desired request type into a variable and then call the executeRequest service and link the variable to the request type parameter? It might be that the restriction is just at the level of the parameter pick list, but the service might be able to handle other request types as well.

This is just my assumption; I’ve never used that service.

Hello All,
Can anyone help me to provide more details about consuming the API with OAuth2.0? its mentioned to use the service pub.client.oauth.execueRequest but its not working as expected even after passing the values. <<“Exception”:"API Gateway encountered an error. Error Message: Unable to identify the application for the request - User - Default and Application:null>> is the error that I got even after providing correct client id and secret id. Please do the needful asap.


While invoking API calls, you can also send other parameters like, Scope & Grant Type.

Please check with your API system, whether the parameters are correct (or) not.

This could helpful to resolve the issue.

By looking the error, the error seems to be “Unable to identify the application for the request - User - Default and Application:null”. So this means that, the request is in API server & not able to identify the correct application. Please engage with API team & found out RCA.


many thanks Srinivas!

I missed to provide a below information.PFB. Since target application is not ready, we did the POC and is as below.

  1. created a provider and exposed as RestAPI with Oauth authentication.
  2. since target application is yet to share swagger file, we got our own provider swagger file and trying to consume the same API which exposed as provider at our end.
  3. Not sure whether API gateway having an issue to understand the token since server is same for both provider and consumer(source and target application) to authenticate token.

I am not sure how to proceed further on this and this may not be correct way to do it. Please correct me and also let me know how to move further on this


As per my understanding, webMethods should act as a both client & server. In this scenarios. You have to create proper configurations & invoking process.

You can following blog, it should be helpful on your scenario.


Hello Srinivas,
Many thanks for your reply. I have tried with get method in http.client service and it worked. I have to post the data once I consumed target API. I will check this part and keep you updated.

Priya Vijayakumar