HTTP Header Authentication requires refresh


We have enabled HTTP header authentication on our MWS 8 SP2 Fix 10 server and are using WebSEAL to pass the user header. We are able to successfully log in using the header authentication, however, if we take an action that refreshes the page as the first action, it fails and reloads the page. For example, if we log in directly to the group management page “”, without going to any other pages first, the page loads successfully. Then, if we click the “Advanced” tab, the page will refresh, but not change tabs. Subsequently, if we click the “Advanced” tab, it will load successfully. Then clicking “Home” or any other tab will also work. Similarly, if we take any actions before going to the group page, the tabs will work the first time. It seems to be only the first request that has this issue, and all subsequent requests are fine. I have attached the full.log file. The time I was performing the test was from 2011-08-23 14:57:21 onwards. Please check the log file after that time.

Any suggestions or inputs on that.

thank’s in advance.
full.log|attachment (314 KB)

It definitely appears to be a different user session. You might see if cookies are being set on get on the browser. Maybe try the HTTPHeaders plugin for firefox to see if the same jsessionid is being returned and used for successive calls. Also, you might turn the debug logs up as well.