http get to an application failing

Hi All,

We are publishing 10 documents to broker and we have created a concurrent trigger with number of threads as 10 . In the subscribing service we are creating a http url and sending http get request to a particular application . But only few of the instances are executing successfully and the few other are failing throwing the following exception . [ISC.0064.9324] Server Error: Service Unavailable

Any pointers on this would be helpful .

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Nithin Dindigala.

hmmm it seems from your post that you are getting this error while running subcribing service, trigger is working fine to susbcribe the document… try to trace the pipleine by including save/restore pipeline… if you are getting all the parameters for http connection (properly) if coming from this subscribed doc from broker… if yes then you may need to troubleshoot the calling service.

Hello thanks for the reply,

I have traced the subscribing service the query is perfectly correct when we do http call but pub.client:http is failing some times by throwing the mentioned error. It is successful at some times.


Nithin Dindigala

Check if the web server is logging an error. It may be the simultaneous requests causing it to return “service unavailable.”

Thanks All. Issue is resolved now. Problem was on Proviso side. This got corrected once they made some CPU configurations changes. Now we are able to multi thread with single as well as multiple user session.