HTTP Connection Threshhold reached

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We have a reverse invoke connection setup between 2 WM where proxy receives AS2 communicaiton from our partners. We are facing a problem with conenction after a number os messages are sent by partner. The proxy generates a 502 exeption . the log is as follows :
2005-10-05 16:46:54 CEST [ISS.0080.0109V4] SocketConnection: Connection Threshold Reached
2005-10-05 16:46:54 CEST [ISC.0038.0002V3] –> HTTP/1.0 502 Server is not accepting new requests at this time
2005-10-05 16:46:54 CEST [ISC.0038.0002V3] –> Connection: Close

  1. Is there a place I can configure no of http conenctions to accept ?
  2. Is there seom configuration I have overlooked which is causing this error ?

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Try the following few things.I havent faced this issue but changing these parameters might help you:

  1. Check for the number of Reverse Connections between your Internal IS and Reverse IS(DMZ one).For this you can go to WmAdmin–Security–Ports link.Click on the Reverse Invoke Settings and then Register Reverse Connections link.See the number of connections you have specified earlier.Change this parameter if you expect the traffic between the two IS to be more.

  2. Secondly, check the Pending Request Alarm Trigger.Here you set the Threshold for number of Pending requests before the IS triggers the alarm.In your case increasing this might help.TO change this settings go to your Reverse IS Administrator.In Security click on Ports and then Reverse Invoke Settings.Click on Configure this Server as a proxy and then Edit Pending Requests Alarm Trigger.Specify the number here.By default it is 100.Click on Save.

Try these 2 setting changes and see if it helps.


Puneet Verma

Thanks for that Puneet,
The first option may not be necessary , as we have the same number of conenctions in prod server and much much more client connectionswith out issues.
But the second option surely looks like the solution!! I have changed and will let U know

I wonder Y this error could be happening becasue one would expect the HTTP conenction to be closed and released back to pool once the AS2 transaction is over.
Any ideas ?

All –

Beginning yesterday, we are experiencing the exact same issue with our UAT webMethods environment. We also have a reverse invoke IS in our DMZ fronting our app IS in our trusted network. We’re running IS 6.1.

On the RI server with logging turned up we receive the following error:

[ISS.0080.0109V4] SocketConnection: Connection Threshold Reached
[ISC.0038.0002V3] –> HTTP/1.0 502 Server is not accepting new requests at this time

So we did a netstat -an to check connections and found a dozen connections in the following state: 73620 0 73620 0 CLOSE_WAIT 73620 0 73620 0 CLOSE_WAIT 73620 0 73620 0 CLOSE_WAIT

We contacted webMethods support and they provided us with IS_6-1_Fix13. We applied it. But we are still encountering the problem.

We are stuck right now.

Can anyone offer any additional suggestions?




I’m facing an issue in 7.1.2 environment. How do I check for Num of connections, keep alive connections or list of registered connections for RI server from internal server.

The same functionality is available in 6.1 using the below service, but I don’t see the reverseInvoke folder in in webMethods 7.1.2 environment.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I would install latest IS_7.1.2_SrvPrtcl_Fix15, it fixes many issues with RHG.

Also read carefully the readme file, as you have some new timeour parameters to set.

I like a lot this note from the readme:

Good luck.