HTTP and BytesToString services

I use pub.client:http service to submet data to appropriate url; this service return me bytes parameter (along the other parameter), which i am passing to the input bytes parameter of pub.string:bytesToString…But, when I call pub.string:BytesToString service to turn the byte into the string (which I need to do because I need to make the document from xml string) , I get the empty output from that service.
Can anyone help me? (the other input parameter is ‘encoding’, but i don’t pass nothing to that parameter)


what value did you set to ‘loadAs’ parameter for pub.client:http service? (The default is bytes). May be you are getting an empty response.
But even in worst case you should get the HTML output of the url as a response.


I don’t get the empty response. i set loadAs=bytes, and service returns me appropriate bytes…

How can you tell that you’re getting “appropriate bytes?” If bytesToString isn’t returning a string, then it seems a possibility that what is returned is not appropriate.

Can you post the details of the http call and the bytesToString step?

Thank you all for answering to me…I found what the problem was…

Care to share what the issue and the resolution was?

The problem was xml: the parameters I am passing to the server weren’t right parameters the server expecting. It is strange, because, i suppose that in that case, server must return me some kind of error. does it?