HTML to wM

Hi ,

I want to know how we can Post data from HTML page to wM.

I am very new using wM. Can any one help me explaning in detail…


Can you elaborate on what kind of data you are trying to post from html submit forms??

PS:Review this doc “DSP_and_Output_Template_Developers_Guide.pdf”, it describes how to call webMethods flows/services from webpages kindoff etc…



Do you actually want to know how to send data from HTML page to webMethods or how to receive that data in webMethods. If first one is the case then google HTML forms and you will see alot of example on how to post information using HTML. But if you need to know how to receive that data which was send through HTML post then create flow service and call “WmPublic/pub.flow:getTransportInfo” service to retrieve all the information which was sent to you. Refer to “Built-In Services Guide” for details.

Note: When you are calling webMethods service from HTML form then use the following naming convention :