Html from output template is arriving as text


I am using a output template (html) populating values from
pipeline (run template). The populated template is then
emailed to end users using smtp service.

The email client (lotus notes) is getting the output as text
(contents of the html as seen in “view source”). What
settings should be changed in either:

  1. run template
  2. smtp service so that the end user will get the html file.



You could pass the html file (which should be in your
pipeline as a string) into the attachments parameter of the
smtp service. Set the content-type to text/html.

Will Kriski

It works! Much appreciated.

Will and Laura,

I am implementing the same solution as Laura. I followed Will’s suggestion and I have getting a different result. The html is not present in the email anywhere, the message body or as an attachment.

I make a call to runTemplateOnPipe, map $txt to Attachment record | content and set the content type to text\html. Any other thoughts?

Can you step through your flow to just before the smtp step to see if $txt is null/empty?


Will, I have confirmed that $txt has the html from the template.

Hi, Steve.

As a sanity check, make sure of the following:

  1. The Lotus Notes client is able to accept HTML emails. Some users and/or System Administrators change the application preferences to disallow HTML emails. [*]Send the email to a Yahoo! email account and confirm that the message displays in HTML as expected.

Let’s make sure that the template is doing its job before we attack the code.

Let us know.

I had attempted a posting yesterday, but I don’t see it now.
I found the problem on yesterday, everything is working fine. I had a momentary brain fart. I had two different services, which are very similar in name and had the wrong one being called from the rule. Sorry to trouble you.

I think I speak for Will, too… Never a trouble! Glad you got the problem “fixed”. :wink:


I’m trying to send a html email with a pdf attachment, but all i’m getting is an email with two attachments and nothing in the body text of the email. Can anyone suggest a solution? If I remove the pdf attachment the html attachment magically appears in the body text. How can I keep the html code as the body text and attach a pdf document to the email?