HTML Content using Enterprise Email Adapter

HI ,

I have a requirement where i need to send HTML content in an Email.Is there a way to do it using the Mail adapter .If so what are the configurations that need to be made.

Looking forward to some suggestions

There is no way you can send HTML content using webMethods mail adapter. I have done it in different way, by writing Java code in the ATC/ILA agent codes to publish mail using SMTP with HTML format.

Jeyaraman, I would like to see the code that you have written that performs this task. Would you mind sharing it with the group? You can upload files to the webMethods User Community at



I was searching through the archives for a solution for this requirement. Was anyone else able to send HTML content using the webMethods Email Adapters? If YES , HOW ? I would really like to know.

Thanks for all the help !