How we can use this service to publish the swagger file to gateway from desiner?

Hello how are you ,
I want to ask how we can use this service wm.server.rsd:publishToApiPortal to publish the file swagger from desiner to API gateway ?

Hi Mohammad,

as the name of the service indicates, it is not intended for manual use.
There should be a service starting with “pub.*” which can be used manually or there should be a function in Designer to publish the API to the gateway, which in turn invokes the above mentioned service behind the scenes.


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Hi @myousef
Please clarify your requirements

  • A swagger file is a description of Rest APIs, Do you want to publish a particular API /all APIs from this swagger file to API Portal /API Gateway?
  • As @Holger_von_Thomsen has rightly pointed out, the wm* service is internal, there is an option in Designer-Service Development to publish to API Portal, you should be able to right click on the asset , click on publish and choose either API Gateway or API Portal
  • Please provide additional details such as the version of IS , fix levels etc
  • Is there a reason why the existing publish option will not work for you? Are you looking to publish in bulk?

Without knowing this information , it is difficult to answer, please provide more details .


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@myousef, can you please clarify ? Do you want to publish to portal or API Gateway? If it’s the Gateway then you can certainly do that but not with thay service. You can use the GW Admin API to do that.

Rupinder Singh