How to Verify & Sign the documents using pub.securuity.pkcs7.* package

Hi Guys,

Could you please help me to do verify/Sign the documents.

For Verification I have done the following, but I am getting the below error.

[SIZE=2]Step 1: pub.get.getFile (read Public Key as bytes)
Step 2: pub.get.getFile (read the Input file to verify as bytes )
Step 3: PSUtillities.misc.appendObjectList ( appended the byte array object to Objectlist )
Step 4:
mapped the Input file Data to Signature
Objectlist to SignerCertChain
set detachedSignature as false

Error : [SIZE=2]
An error occurred attempting to reconstruct the signature: Next ASN.1 object is no OBJECT IDENTIFIER!

Appreciate your help to reoslve this issue.