How to use WebMethods with VBASP with Legacy DB2

Hi, All

This is my first post to this website, We have ASP,VB,SQL SERVER 7.0 based Intranet APPLICATION. We also send messages to DB2 via Stored Procedure from VB ( Neon is Gateway). Now we are replacing Newo Shadow with WebMethods. I wanted to know How this works??? and If any one here has any experience with same kind of technology then please reply.

Is there any thing we need to host on mainframe???


There is a webmethods mainframe adapter available. You should be able to use that.
I am not an expert with this scenario, but I am sure that there are experts here who will take care of your issue.
Good Luck!

Hi saurabh,

Like our jdbc adapter, for db2 also adapters are available,install the same and configure to your db2,u can easily resolve this issue.

I hope this will help you.