How to use a seperate data source for transactions in trading networks


I have a question about trading networks data source:

Is it possible to use a seperate database table for tradings networks transaction data source?
Via the MWS GUI there is a data source dropdown box to select either “Production Data” or “Archive Data”.

Now we need to add a new seperate entry like “Production B2B Data” and select these data out
of a seperate database table (e.g. BizDocB2B ) data source, so that the performance is not being pulled down
by too many transactions.

I hope someone of you has an idea how to get the MWS page
Applications > Monitoring > Integration > B2B > Transactions
to use a new data source.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Hi Manuel,

You can define JDBC setting for webMethods Trading Networks on IS home page Settings > JDBC Pools
This connection fetches data from production/archive tables which are in the same schema.

You can’t define one more value “Production B2B Data” in the dropdown in MWS page, similar to Production/Archive, instead you can switch the connection from IS home page Settings > JDBC Pools to point to desired DataSource.