How To Upload Cert To SAPBCwebMethods via Https

Hi I am looking for some help in completing the following task. Currently I am trying to create a toolset that will allow our support team to administer certificates in the client cert directly through our intranet. It must have the following functions.

Currently the intranet page created will let you list certs and mappings, and delete already loaded certs, however I cannot find a way of uploading Certs through webpage using the HTTP POST.

It this final part I need help with.

My initial theory was to create a service that would take the filename as a string input and the file as an object input. However this just appears not to work.

Is there some reason why I can post anything except text through the post command, how to I send a file through the webpage to the waiting BC service.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Peter

Product webMethods B2B Server
Version 4.0.1


Check this thread link,it explains how to make use of http service when passing data/bytes (object) thru http POST.


Thanks, but I had already tried what you suggested. I have no problem taking text/xml data from the post that is done by another server. I do this all the time to extract XML documents in my Service flows. The problem occurs when I want binary data to be extracted from a WebPage submit.

I am sending a name/value pair containing the filename and a binary document containing the cert (or other file). These are submitting through a Form POST in a webpage (I have to set the enctype=“multipart/form-data”) and I am trying to extract both items using the SAP BC MIME functions in the service flow that receives the POST method. I am using the pub.mime:getBodyPartContent on index(0) for the filename and inedx(1) for the filedata.

Unfourtunately it always returns No Content