How to uninstall Broker Server in Unix

Hi All,

I did un install of 8.2 IS in LINUX.

But don’t know how to uninstall Broker Server & Monitor in LINUX, which is running different server.

Could you please guide me on this?


If you are having GUI option on Linux, run un-install which shows what all components to un-install.


Try above option and let me know if you see any issues.


Thanks MR.

Sorry it’s UNIX. Typo error.

But Since Broker is installed in separate server not on the same where IS installed. Do I need to run the same uninstall script which is under SAG/Integrationserver/bin?

Or do we have any seperate script for Broker to uninstall un Broker bin folder.

Bcs I din’t see any script in boker level.

Can I use this?

First Broker :

broker_delete [-h] [-y] [[–] broker@server [:port ]] [-idhelp] [id_options ]
[-timeout timeout ]

Then Broker Server

server_config delete C:\SoftwareAG\Broker\data\awbrokersversion \server2 -f -S

How about Monitor?

Hi Vikas,

server_config delete should be sufficient, no need to delete the Broker from config beforehand.

After that run the mentioned command “IS_installmainfolder/bin/uninstall -console” on Broker box.
Replase IS_installmainfolder with BRK_installmainfolder.

When adding the “-console”-Parameter the script will run without graphical output being required.


Vikas – Any further updates on this thread. Sorry for not responding to earlier post as I was busy with office work.


Hi MR,

Np :slight_smile:

Yes it’s done, I have followed the same process as Holger mentioned.

Thanks a lot Holger and MR…