How to transfer Object to String in IS

Hi All,
I used an Adapter Notification to monitor an oracle table,then this notification publish an document to broker(this document contain all column of the oracle table,if the database type of column is date or number,IS will assign Object type to this column automatically in the document),and then I subscribed this document and map it to another document(In this course,occured mapping an Object field in the source document to a String field in the target document),when I triggered this process, the IS console show “Data Check: data mismatch” error.I think this is caused by type mismatched when mapping.I have tried to use pub.soap.utils:soapDataToString service to transfer them,but It wasn’t successful!Could you tell me how to transfer Object to String in IS?
Thanks first!

In the Adapter Notification of the Select tab you can change the option Column Type Date object of Output Field Type to java.lang.string.
This will allow the Notification publishable document for Date object to String type.