How To Tokenize Each Element from A String List

I’m using wM6.5 and pub.list:getListItem has been depreciated.

I have a string list created through pub.string.tokenize.

The string list is shown below:


I want to tokenize each element. The delimeter is : in the List and store the values separetely in some output variable.

Please help.

Maybe, you can loop over StringList and tokenize each string, appending each token in an output structure as needed.


Use a loop step on tokenize service output /valueList and capture the values from the valuelist in a map step by specifying its index or another option is create a delimiter flatfile schema,ff documenttype for this strlinglist structure and parse the values using flatfile:convertToValues.


Dear vasu,

One simple way would be to Loop over each token string and again tokenise them by the “:” delimiter and tap the results in an double dimensional array…


A.vasu Kishore