How to subscribe to delivered documentevent


is there any way to add dummy subscription to delivered event, so that it can be fetched?

I tried adding subscription using eventLog client group with assumption that all published and delivered event goes to client with eventLog client group also.

I am interested in getting the event when its being delivered to its intended client.

Can you provide more detail about the business problem?

Events are designed for monitoring health/auditing/activity levels, etc. on a given Integration Server.

Is this what you are trying to do?

Deliveries are not the same as subscriptions. A delivery is a directed communication from a sender to a specific receiver (thie is how reply works in the request/reply method of messaging). Others cannot “listen in.”

One way that has been provided to support what you’re after in earlier versions of adapters was an option to “publish replies” (all subscribers get the event, not just the requester) instead of delivering them. Not sure if all adapters in the 6 architecture support this but that may do what you need.

Oh, I assume that by “event” you meant event in the old Enterprise Server terminology, which is now “publishable document” in the new terminology, and not the “activity” event that IS supports. If it’s the latter, disregard my post. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rob,

By “event”, I definitely mean “publishable document”
I completely agree with what you are saying

Actually, while testing publisher/subscriber components, we are simulating the other end. (For example, in case of publisher component we are simulating subscription). The test is to ensure proper functioning/transformation of integration component/adapter. And due to highly distributed nature of applications (on various brokers), its really difficult to trace that, moreover we are not interested in that.
Simulating subscription and verifying document data will suffice our purpose. This is where the problem came in for delivered document/event.

I thought log is being maintained for all the events/documents (irrespective of publish/deliver), so tried eventLog but not successful