how to subscribe 'published document' from broker

hi all,
I have published ‘publishable document type’ using WmPublic -> pub.publish.publish service.

Input for this service is

  1. documentTypeName : given absolute path of pubblishable doc type
  2. document : passing publishable document with data
  3. local : false
  4. delayUntilServiceSuccess : not specified.

its publishing that doc type to Broker. pls help me how to subscribe that from Broker.
is it by using Trigger service or any other way is there to subscribe from broker.
thank you,

  • Ramesh.


Yes by using Trigger you have to subscribe the broker publishable document.So create a trigger with publishable documenttype and specify subscribing service name.This will trigger when ever particular broker document got published (pub/sub model).

Please note subscribe flow service input should be fully qualified publishable documentName(folder.subfolder: publishdocNameDocumentReference) so that you can map source publishable document to target format what ever it is.

For debugging purpose put a savepipeline in the subscribe service to make sure trigger is working as expected and you should see that document in the pipeline.