how to start a process with a task step


Does anyone know how to start a process with a task step (not a receive step)?
I have a task start portlet were the user sets some fields and then submits the task. The data captured here will be used on a process and I would like to know how to set this task as the process start step?


I couldn’t find a way to have a task initiate a process.

What I did was just had a publish event integration service that publishes an empty document to start the process. Then you can just have a web link to the invoke step like


Then my first step of the process was the task for filling in all the data.

I’ve added this info to

I hope the reference stuff there is helpful and I’m trying to add some of the common problems that don’t seem to be clear in the documentation.

Hi Kevin,

As far as I know, and what I also remember from the SAG trainings, is that a process model must always start with a “Receive” step.

I believe this is the way SAG “designed” the processes.

The work-around I know is the one you used: a “dummy” publishable document.


Instead of using a dummy you can have the following approach :

  • Create a portlet application with one portlet for the first form (a user fill the information).
  • That portlet calls an IS web service which publish a document containing the filled information.
  • That document published on the broker trigger a new process instance with relevant information

That way you can ensure that there won’t be unused process instance started by error or to quickly.

The first step isn’t a task but you can make it looks like it.


If it was a user facing application, that is what we would have done. Instead this one is for internal use (our webMethods team) so we went the quicker “dirtier” route :smiley: