How to set Programming mode runtime.

I have to generate a standard helproutine by executing a program.
i am using user exit USR2014N to open a new session and writting the help routine.
Also i am using USR0210N to catalog it, where the problem comes.
The default mode for natural is Reporting and my routine is in Structured thus not cataloging it.
I have tried SET GLOBLALS SM=ON and STACK TOP COMMAND but it doesn’t work out.
I can’t even use USR1002N to restore the SM as the save point SM would also be reporting.

Please suggest some solution to the problem.


stack top command works on my natural-environment.

my program:

stack top command 'globals sm=on'

Of course you can place it on the stack during the startup of natural:

natural bp=... parm=... etid=$$ udb=12 stack='globals sm=on'

There was an extensive thread on this question last week on sag-l.


Sorry for my stupid question: What is “sag-l”?

Not a stupid question at all.

SAG-L is a technical list run by the University of Arkansas. It has been around longer than the developers forum. One disadvantage, SAG employees are not participants. One advantage, 1000 quite active members.

Google SAG-L. You will find a link to their main page which details how to join (free), participate, etc.


Thanks. So this is the answer to my question:

Hi All,
Thanks for your suggestions. I have met the solution though not that much convincing. I am reading a Dummy program which is written in structure mode and then clearing the editor, writting the routine and cataloging. it works fine as of now. Would like to post again in case i get any other better means.