How to set attributes of controls at run time?

  1. Just consider a case where in we wish to update Employee Details.
    We will take input as EmpID from user, display record for the entered EmpID . On hitting say enter key, we need this Emp Id, Emp Name (textbox/control) to be disabled as for a given employee in a given organization, these would always remain the same. But rest fields such as phone, designation should be unprotected/Modifiable at run time.
    Also when user just enters EmpId all the other fields should be disabled(protected).
    PS: We believe AD, DY may be of some use to us but not sure how to implement the same at run time on a Natural MAP.

  2. Also, we would like to know how to enable/disable PF keys at run time using a Natural Map.
    For example, say user hits Enter key and wishes to update a record, hence Enter key should now be disabled, until update key is not hit. Once update is done, Enter should be enabled and Update can be disabled.


Education, Education, Education.

What you need is a Natural class; not the answers to a few questions about a program you are trying to write despite knowing very little about Natural.

AD and DY are probably of little value to your first question. You need to know about Control Variables (CV=).

For your second question you need to know about SET KEY.