How to send an recive Objects from IS to other Java Server

I need to send and recive Objects (Beans) to and from other applications Java ( like Ariba ) .

I don´t see how to instanciate a Beans and sent it to another java server, and take from it another bean.

It´s possible use tunneling…

thanks in advanced

Integration Server is designed to exchange text-based data with other applications. Integration Server is not an application server. While you can instantiate objects in Java services, and pass them around within the server, there really aren’t any good mechanisms for sending and receiving Java objects to and from other environments (short of dropping down to a Java service and doing the work yourself).

Recent posts and announcements re: JBoss and its bundling with IS change the landscape a bit. You might do some research along those lines if you really need to be exchanging Java objects. But you may want to confirm first that you can’t do what you need by exchanging text documents–that may be the long-term desired path for a variety of reasons.

i guess, u can use the http:post method to post to any listener(servlets etc.) and same way… but thats again u passing the parameters, u wont be able to share the context so i dont think that what u looking for.
i think u have to call the webMethods API from your java app and directly call to services…

I guess, you can use RMI/RMI-IIOP to pass the Java Objects to any other servers. But you have to do the coding in Java Service in order to acheive this.