How to search wild-card string in String Array?


I have two String Arrays and want to create key-value pairs. To build that I use value from first array and need to

search for wild-card string on the second array.

For example,

My first array contains date&timestamp and second array contains list of files and files names embeds dataTimestamp.

So, from first array for every value I need to search file names in second array and if I find matching value in

second array then I will be creating key-value pairs i.e array-of-array and output from this will be mapped to String Table datatype in webMethods.

This is how values in first and second array will look like. I can sort first array, but sort values for second array

will not be same sequence with first array. Hence, I need to search. Both are String Arrays.

Value from first array:

Value from second array

int index = Arrays.binarySearch(sortedArray, “*20070521104242689”);

is not working for wild-card search.

Can anyone please help.