How to search the string in a string(like contains in java)

How to search a string in given string.Is there any inbuilt service in webmethod integration server…??

For example:

I have a string input: I am developer for local tech.
and I have to search in above string whether that contains ‘local’ or not.
The search should be like ignore case.

please suggest on same.
Thanks in advance

Please review the Built-in Services Reference document for the services in the pub.string folder.

I went through that but did not find any appropriate service…

so if you have any idea please transfer it…

Really? You went through the Built-In Services Guide and couldn’t find this? That PDF is organized by folder. The knowledge you seek is in the folder Rob identified.

Regular expressions is a handy replacement of such string services if you don’t find what you are looking for is not available in that folder

…LOOP over ‘/valueList’

Here you can search string with service pub.string:replace and o/p value can be compare with service PSUtilities.string:compareString which gives true are fales…

This is not a workable approach. The poster did not indicate that a string list is being searched. And compareString matches the entire string. The original poster is looking for a substring within a string.

PLEASE, use WmPublic/pub.string:indexOf…