How to run a service at the proxy level when using reverseinvoke

We have a webMethods proxy server connected to an internal webMethods server, both are webMethods 6.1 and a new requirement just came up. We have developed a new package which function is to move a file from directory “A” to directory “B”, but both directories resides on the proxy server, not at the internal server. No need to mention that we have already quite a few other services other than this one running perfectly on the internal webMethods server and this is a new service we want to offer and it MUST run at the proxy level.

Question 1: when I install the package in the proxy server, and try to run the service, it does not find the services anymore because the reverse-invoke always tries to run the service in the internal webMethods server. I just get an error message and I get the java stack dump on the browser. How can I run the service at proxy level? Any drawback or pitfall by doing that?

Question 2: If I remain with the services in the internal webMethods server, how can access the filesystem at the proxy level without any other software other than the webMethods IS server itself? Ideas?


I think you are trying to execute the service on the proxy server via the reverse invoke port and the requests are getting streamed down to the internal server. You may want to try to execute these new services on the proxy server via a regular port (HTTP/S, FTP etc)