How to retrieve input from rest service post method using getTransportInfo


I am trying to retrieve my post request from my rest service using pub.flow:getTransportInfo
When i call my service with a get method, I can retrieve the param from the url inside the pipeline in transport/http/query
But when I try to call the same service but with a post method and input in body, the transport/http/query is null…

Is there any other service or how can I retrieve my input using pub.flow:getTransportInfo?

the call with GET : http://localhost:5555/restv2/YoulTest.resources:addition/?num1=6&num2=10
with debuggLog ==> query":"num1=6&num2=10

the call with POST: http://localhost:5555/restv2/YoulTest.resources:addition/
“num1”: “6”,
“num2”: “10”
with debuggLog ==> query is null

Thanks and regards.

Hi Yassine,

Put num1 and num2 as string/integar params in input signature of the rest service and map it from there.

Syed Faraz Ahmed


Thanks for your response, but it’s not a question of the fields type, it’s about the invoke, I Don’t know which service catch the values…

Hi Yassine,

Are you using any client (ex: Postman Client) to send the data or trying via browser?

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hi Syed,

I am using SoapUI.
Method POST

AFAIK there is no in-built service to get the pipeline but this can be achieved by writing a java service.

Yassine Dayski,
getTransportInfo service is to get transport info including URL, context etc., but not payload of the request

GET method query parameters are part of URI, thus it is available in response
POST method actual content is in the body section and that will be not part of getTransportInfo service response

Having said that, you shouldn’t use this service to retrieve payload of incoming request. It will be available in pipeline.