How to retrieve data from a document type on the broker ?


I try to retrieve datas from a document type published on the broker.

Where can I find this on My webMethods Server ?

I hope someone can help me on this topic…

In mywebMethods you can only inspect documents in a queue which are not yet retrieved and committed by the corresponding client. For this go to Messaging - Broker Servers - Your Broker - Clients - Docs Queued.
The broker is stateless, meaning if a document is delivered to all subscribers, it will vanish from the Broker.
If retrieve means to process a document in an application, OS etc., then you need to subscribe to the document. See 7-1_Publish_Subscribe_Developers_Guide.pdf for details or 7-1_Broker_Java_Client_Programmers_Guide.pdf, 7-1-2_Broker_C_Client_Programmers_Guide.pdf for non IS clients.

Ok thanks this is exactly what I was searching for !