How to retrieve a listener notification document in the WebSphere MQ Adapter

Hello Everyone,

I have a task to expose the existing flow service as a request and response on WebSphere MQ (instead of a web service via HTTP).
For this reason, I created an MQ Adapter connection, a listener, and a synchronous listener notification where I call the flow service.
The problem is that I cannot retrieve the notification document in the invoked service. It is supposed to be the request document created for the notification. However, if I try to map it as document reference or specify it as an input document of the flow service, the notification document is always empty to me. However, if I call the pub.flow:savePipelineToFile method in the flow service, here is what I get:

c:\temp\notif.txt enabled enabled listeners:MQ_adapterNotification2 0 0 BHQM Q3 asfdsaf YXNmZHNhZg==

I also changed the notification Execution mode to ‘Publish and Wait’ to Local, and created a trigger on the request document (it became publishable then). The result is the same - notification document is empty.

How I can properly read\get access to the MQ_adapterNotification2RequestDocument?

Any help is really appreciated.

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Based on the above did you set Local to true on the publish service assuming that there is no Broker involved?

You mean subscribing service not receiving the the published document in the pipeline and also can you make sure the corresponding trigger is enabled for that pub doc type?


Thanks for your response, RMG.

Yes, I did set Local to true. And the corresponding trigger is enabled for that pub doc type.

I’m actually not sure if the subscribing service receiving the the published document or not. Because, as I mentioned below, pub.flow:savePipelineToFile returns the content of a message I publish. The problem is how to get access to this document. For example, in case Get Adapter Service by invoking it we have access to msgBody and other message fields. However, the listener is supposed to call the Get operation and pass the document to the notification. And the Notification passes the document to the subscribing service. And when I try to create a document reference (or provide it as input) in the subscribing services, the document appears to be empty.

To sum up, I want to ask what should be at the first step in my subscribing service and how to reverence to the modification document (that is MQ_adapterNotification2RequestDocument from below)? How to provide the input signature?


Looks like I found the cause of the issue:

in my invoked flow service I tried to map ‘msgBody’ from the input (request) notification document as an object. Similarly as I did for the Get Adapter Service. In fact, ‘msgBody’ is not an object here but string. So once I map it as a string, the mapping works fine.

Thanks again RMG for helping :slight_smile: