How to retireve/assign global data from the generated flow step of the process model.

HI Guys,

In my requirement, I need to use a global data variable.

In step 1 the need is to assign a value to this global data (a string may be)
This global data is retireved at the later stage in the model to make some descicion .

I am struck at the point as to how to assign and get the value of the global data from the flow steps that are generated in the process…

I am looking into the

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[FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=4][B][B][FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=4]


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Any suggestions to solve such a issue would be greatly appreciated.

This problem is to be solved urgently, if You guys share your thoughts … that would be great…




I am having the same problem. Your post is now over a year old, so I hope you found the solution. If not, the following is a link to a related issue :

Article ID: 1612235885 What is this?
Quick Access URL: [url][/url]
Last Updated: 17-Jun-2005

Can you tell me what solution you found, if any?