How to respond to http client without completing the flow service.

Hi All,

I have a scenario where I need to implement the below logic,

we have to generate the Order Confirmation from the Order Submission response only and Order Ack will be sent only when REST service is complete.

Scenario is that without completion of flow service, we have to respond back to http client and continue processing other steps so that client doesn’t need to wait for completion of flow service.

Is there any way to implement this. Please share your inputs.


Hello Venkat

I read your question but not able to connect all the dots but let me try to help. Consider implementing a call-back message pattern for your solution.

1-Order Submission (the request) is received by IS.
2-IS shall Publish the message to the message queue (Broker or UM)
3-IS shall Respond with an ack immediately to the client.
4-IS subscribes to the message (trigger) and continues processing
5-Now is the tricky part. Sending the Order Confirmation (call back) to the caller. How does the client expect to receive the call back? An email? The IS initiates a web service call to some system? Call them on the phone?

I hope this helps.

Once you receive the order submission request, save it in DB/ publish. Send Ack to the client. Now take the message from DB/subscribing service gets invoked which gets continued with rest of the business.



So in this you mean to say that you need to have asynchronous solution paradigm.
So whenever you require that you can send back the technical acknowledgement for receiving something.

by Publishing or send through adapter notification based on requirement.

Thank You

Hi All,

Thank you for the reply.

Actually it’s a web service which we exposed and in corresponding flow service we have to respond to caller after that we have to perform few more steps in that same flow service.

But caller should get the response before processing the remaining other steps.



I didn’t get your question
what i understood is that
The acknowledgement you want to send to client is final ack and after that you need to perform some internal steps.
then you can send when you get from the third party.
before sending the main response you need to send an ack first to first party and then again you will send response when you get from third party.

else you need to send revert back HTTP success response to client when message reach to EAI system successfully.
use Service:pub_flow_setResponse,pub_flow_setResponseCode,pub_flow_setResponseHeader

so both time you can show either its ack or final response.

please elaborate more what things you want and when.

See if “About Outbound Callback Services” this helps. You can details from 9-8_Web_Services_Developers_Guide.pdf

Its something related to Asynchronous Web Services