How to requeue MQ message when service failure occured

Hi Experts,

Created WebSphere MQ Transactional Connection & specified QueueName
Created a Single-Queue Listener Service & specified the above created connection.
Created a Synchronous Listener Notification, specified a flow service (processMessagesFlow) & enabled it.

when any message comes into queue, the listener retrieving message from the queue and notification invoking the service. Through the service (processMessagesFlow)
we are able to get the message.
If any service failure occur, the message should get queued into the same queue (like rollback, instead of deleting).
How can we implement this. We are using WebSphere MQ Adapter 6.5
I have gone through documentation, but need little help.

Why do you think that processMessagesFlow service will fail?

What does this service do?

Did you think of Dead Letter Queue Name?

Also read Behavior of Listeners section in the guide.