How to replace default delimiter ';' with '|' for CSV file.

I am generating a CSV file using:


The default delimiter is ‘;’ how can I replace it with ‘|’?

A similar/related question was posted recently.

The only way to override this setting is via the Configuration Utility. Modify an existing parameter file or create a new one.

Under Windows:

Natural Parameter Files
→ (selected NatParm file)
→ Natural Execution Configuration
→ Work Files
→ Work Files
→ for the selected Work File Number, use the Type dropdown to select CSV
→ click on the newly activated options icon ("…") and a pop-up window will appear
→ select header and/or separator character from the dropdowns
“save” or “save as” to complete the process

Invoke Natural with the updated/new parameter file.

ps Logon to Brainstorm and vote for the suggestion to provide these parameters as dynamic NatParm overrides. (Search for item 1010066.)