How to reinstalling broker on Solaris?

Hi Guys,

In our Sandbox environment the broker (7.1.2) was messed up long back and the broker goes down every day. I don’t see any backup either. Now what is the best way to fix it? I am looking at getting a tar copy from higher environment and reconfiguring the broker. But is there any other good way of fixing it?


Here is what I did and currently I am monitoring it

  1. Shutdown all the Integration Servers
  2. Deleted the broker server using server_config utility (./server_config delete /opt/bkr1/broker/data/path…/)
  3. All the config and storage data has been deleted
  4. Created a new broker server (./server_config create /opt/bkr1/broker/data/path…/ -k “License Key” -d “SBX Broker” -p 6849 -session_config qs -qs_log_file /opt/bkr1/broker/data/path…/BrokerConfig01.qs.log 1G -qs_storage_file /opt/bkr1/broker/data/path…/BrokerConfig01.qs.stor 1G -session_data qs -qs_log_file /opt/bkr1/broker/data/path…/BrokerData01.qs.log 2G -qs_storage_file /opt/bkr1/broker/data/path…/BrokerData01.qs.stor 4G)
  5. Restarted the MWS nodes
  6. Added the new broker server in MWS
  7. Created a Broker with older name (SBroker) and made it default broker
  8. Restarted Integration Servers, one cluster at a time.

Seems to be working fine for now and will post an update to this thread