How to reduce IS memory usage ?

We also invoke rollbacktransaction when error occurs. But there might be something wrong with it. So i’ll check this part carefully. Thank you for your information.


what Percio mentioned was right.
It is advisable as in the wmDB docos to always close the connection explicitly.
If you worry that it will throw exception as your commit may already close the connection, you can put the close around a try-catch service.

If you use JDBC adapters, it should be pretty safe in terms of connections etc. As JDBC adapters handles all the connection problems.

About the JVM, Unfortunatelly I just recently joined another company and
I don’t work for the company that I used to work for anymore (that uses HP-UX) and I didn’t note down any personal records about the JVM. My suggestion is to call up HP/browse HP website for the latest JVM.

For you pipeline questions; In general, it is highly advisable, even by webMethods trainers, to drop all the unused pipeline once you finish using them. This will ensure the memory usage to be kept minimum and unnecessary “same variable name” errors passing to the next service.

Thank you for your mention about reading the manuals and search the web first.
I will do this before posting proprer questions next time.

I didn’t mean to be offensive but just thanks sincerely since I know sometimes i was too lazy. This won’t happen next time.

No worries. Searching the manuals and the web first is most often the fastest way to finding a solution.