How to receive .eml formated files

Hi All,

I am working on interface where client perform http post with attachment to our ESB. 

To work with attachment I have created a flow service where we receive request and then transforms mime object to document using XmlNodeToDocument service. This service is working fine with doc and xml attachments but its not working with ELM format attachment. So I am wondering whether webMethods support ELM(mail attachments)  formatted posting? If so how can we receive ELM formatted file from senders in EAI? 

Any sort of help on this would really help my implementation. for your reference I have attached my code. I am currently on WM6.5 Service pack 2. 

Muneer (8.15 KB)

Hi Guys,

Any updates? i am still struggling to identify the way to implement .eml formated file.