How to receive documents from two UM realms with one trigger?


we have two UM realms that get some messages published to them (IS documents, same document type).

We also have one Integration Server that uses native wM messaging.

Is it possible (and if yes – how?) to configure the IS and create a trigger that would receive messages from both UM realms? (This would be similar to mail client programs that allow to receive messages from several accounts.)

Ideally, the solution should use only one publishable document type (the one that is published to the realms).

Thank you for any hints!


as far as I can tell this is not possible as an IS trigger refers to a single (UM) message provider (or cluster) either directly or via a JNDI provider alias. However, to different triggers can be configured to invoke the same service for further processing of the incoming messages.

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It’s not quite that simple, but there are a few options:

Jonathan, thank you for the quick response and the useful link!

Unfortunately, we’ll not be able to use the new feature since we’re at UM 9.12.

Besides, the doc states: “However, we don’t recommend using the same channels/queues in both HS and non-HS modes.”

Even if we had UM 10.2, we’d need exactly that. Because the whole picture is a bit more complicated (I simplified it im my original post).

We have two UM realms. And we have three IS nodes.

The first two nodes consume messages from UM1 and UM2, respectively. The third one should receive messages from both UM1 and UM2. The document type is the same in all cases. The messages are “routed” via filters. Filters used by IS1 and IS2 are disjoint with the ones used by IS3. (This is still a slightly simplified picture.)

The remote join seems to be the only option for now. A rather uncomfortable though since the merge should be done not for all documents but only for those with filter conditions of IS3. If the conditions in IS3 change, we’ll have to update the join as well.

Thank you again for the tips!

Jonathan, could you please tell me whether the Horizontal Scalability feature is a client or a server side function?

If it is a server side function, then we could use a pre 10.2 client and a 10.2 (or higher) server – and all would be well.

But I’m afraid, at least the client is “involved”…

Horizontal scalability is dependent on the UM client lib, but is transparent to the client app (i.e. IS).
So, if you put the UM 10.2 client libraries in IS 9.12, then horizontal scalability in theory SHOULD work if you connect to UM 10.2.
BUT…this combination is not tested or supported, so you would need to test thoroughly and decide whether you want to run such a configuration.
There is a small possibility that IS validates the syntax of the UM URL and IS 9.12 may reject a horizontal scalability URL syntax as invalid.