How to re-subscribe the guaranteed storage document type fai

Hi webMethods guys,
I have a question regarding the webMethods broker behavior.

I have been failed during the subscription process for (for example) MyDocument type with the error message as follows. AdapterException is thrown.
==========Error message ===================
COM.activesw.adapter.devkit.AdapterException: (108) Could not invoke script “getPropertyValue”
(034) Could not publish document of type "XRefPropertyMatchingDocuments::getPropertyValueRequest

This error might have been occurred due to the problem of the database listener. My questions is; Since the STORAGE TYPE of MyDocument Document type is GUARANTEED, can I re-subscribe the failed data? If yes, how? According to my test, data cannot be re-subscribed. The failed data seem to be removed from the broker regardless of the storage type. Yes broker keeps the data and subscription process is continued when broker down or critical Adapter error occurred but not the case when normal Adapter error occurred by throwing the exception.
My subscription component is triggered by input document not the database trigger. This shouldn�t make any difference for my question but want to mention just in case.

Thank you for your answer in advance.
Regards, Keon Kim.