How to pubsub using IS 6 only no broker

We are using wM 6 and it’s easy to do pub/sub by Broker. But how can we do it using IS only? We found the built-in service “publish” but no “subscribe”?

I believe pub/sub mechanism is not possible with out using Broker in IS6.01.“Publish” service will publish document to the broker,and trigger option in developer menu,is used for “subscribing” documents from the broker.


Not true.
IS 6+ has the capability to do local publish and subscribe…therefore it is possible to do pub/sub without a broker, however if you want to use Workflow in your solution you need to use a broker.

For more information on creating pub/sub solutions in webMethods 6+ have a look at the document “Building Integration Solutions Using Publication” (version 6.0.1.). This doc can be found in: <webmethods>\Developer\doc\guide\ISBuildingIntegrations.pdf



Thanks wayne,nice to know about this info.Actually i haven’t fully confirmed in my post.probably i have to read every corner in that guide.

besides not being able to use workflow, is there any other reason for using the broker instead of the IS directly for pub/sub? every pub/sub to the broker is expensive in terems of disk I/O with two hops required before the subccription happens.


You need the broker if you have more than one IS, or any legacy Enterprise adapters, or Workflow. It’s also used for the PRT stuff, which is required for process models, although you may be able to reconfigure that to use local pub/sub. I’m not sure how robust the local pub/sub architecture is, as it is new in 6.0, while the Broker is a proven architecture that has been around since the Activeworks days. If you plan to use the local pub/sub functionality, I’d recommend some heavy testing before you go to production.

Hey Scott,

its very simple to publish without using broker, within IS only.

when you are using “pub.publish:publish” step in flow service, just set local value to true. your document will get published locall and not to the broker.