How to publish to certain broker?

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       While we install broker server , one broker will automatically gets created ,right. Using MywebMethodsserver ,i have to create one more broker under the same broker server. Let's sppose i have created one publishable document. I just got a doubt whether we will able to publish which ever broker we like? if i'm publishing the document it automatically published on 1st broker. so, what all steps we need to follow to publish a document on second broker that i have created using mywebMethodsserver? 

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Veera Chitturi

An Integration Server can connect to just one Broker for the pub.publish services. All documents published by the IS will be processed by that Broker.

If you want/need documents to travel to another Broker, put the Brokers into a territory. They will share all document type definitions and pub/sub settings. You can also set up multiple territories, establishing gateways to exchange documents between them. Refer to the wM docs.

If you can/want to use Broker as a JMS provider, IS can use multiple JMS providers via multiple JMS connection aliases and the pub.jms services.

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     Thank you so much..That's wonderful. I have one more question. Actually i have webMethods installed on my laptop. Is there any possibility that i can create a second broker server. I am sure that we can create one, but i am not aware of the steps to create it. 

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Veera Chitturi.

The wM docs provide good instructions for installing/creating a Broker Server. You’ll need to identify different ports for the new one.

Keep in mind that you can create multiple Brokers in a single Broker Server. For your development investigation, you most likely do not need multiple Broker Servers.

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     Thank you for the fast replies. I previously tried to use the steps mentioned in document, at that point of time i stuck with some error. I will let you know if i come across the same error again.

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