How to publish 'publishable document type' a specified broker

I have created two brokers (B1 and B2) and created one publishable document type called BrokerDoc1. when I see that document type using Broker Admin console, B1 contains that document type but not B2.
And one more thing I need to understant " how to map the publishable document type to B2 ".


  • Ramesh

For information to be shared between 2 or more Brokers, they need to be in a territory. Refer to the wM documentation for information. As it appears that you’re just coming up to speed with Broker, would advise keeping things simple for now and just use one Broker.

Connect the 2 brokers in territory,they will start sharing doctypes for pub/sub.Please refer webMethods Broker Administrator Guide.pdf look for Territories and Gateways chapter.



Also at any given time only one broker would be the default mode of communication to the IS.