How to publish a document Locally


I have done following steps in the process of publishing a document:

  1. I created a publishable document type through developer.
  2. I created a document reference to the publishable document type that I want to publish by declaring a document reference in the input signature of the publishing service.
  3. I assigned values to the fields in the document reference.
  4. Now docs tells me to invoke pub.publish:publish to publish the document. I need to use the Pipeline Editor to map the “document” I want to publish if I am creating flow service. I didn’t understand what it means. It also states that I should fill documentTypeName field with a string specifying the fully qualified name of the publisable document type that I want to publish . What does this mean ?? What does it mean by fully qualified name. For example I have created a publishable document by the name “testPub” under the folder “testPublication” which is under “testServices” package. What should I give ?? What are the parameters should I include when creating document ?? Do I need to create a variable of doc type as well ??

I would really appreciate if somebody can walk me through the steps of publishing a document through flow service. If somebody can send me or provide me a link from where I download a tutorial which walks me through publishing document, I would be really debted…

Thanks a lot for help.

Hello Anupam:
I found the webMethods Guide, Building Integration Solutions Using Publication, very useful. It includes description of all the steps to Publish and Subscribe to a Document Type.

Hello Anupam.
I don’t know if you solved your problem.
I also needed to do it and found how to do it a few weeks ago. You have to type in the name of the document in this format :
So your document is testPublication:testPub

Here you are :wink: