How to publish a document by using document reference

Hello All,

I did create a document type inheriting from a broker document type. Now I want to create a document reference to the publishable document type that you want to publish. how can I do this?

When I am going through the manual, it is written that I can do this by declaring it in the input signature of publishing service. How can I do this?

Or by inserting a MAP step. How to do this?

Also How can I add content to the document reference?

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A document type can be made publishable by making Properties->publication->publishable=“true” then save , in developer.

once it is done then make it in sync with broker i.e. push the document type to that broker recognise the doc, when publish to it.

Regarding referencing a publishable doc:
make a flow service : in input signature select document reference, a window will pop up, select your publishable document from the namespace. and then give the name of your own or u can give the publishable document namespace as name of the referenced document.

Contents will be there in published doc. (if you have not published an empty document).

Puneet Saxena