How to program a between condition in the flow service

Hi All,
I am wondering what would be the best way to implement a requirement that there is no posting of xmls (just save incoming xml in a folder) to backend system on a specific day within a range of time (in our case each first day of the month between 0-3 on a 24 hours clock).
I started to use Branch step and current date function with appropriate pattern to get day/hour/time, but I am getting too many Branch steps there…I would rather use ‘between’ condition, but how? Is there such thing in flow language?
Thanks for help.

i would instead use java svc; check the Date and DateFormat class API for details;

if the svc needs to be invoked, you can set up scheduler to run between those times!!



You can specify lots of different conditions in the label of a Branch step, and combine them as necessary using &&, ||, etc. You can even use regular expressions in them!

In your case, I’d probably first extract the day of the month and hour from your timestamp as separate variables (maybe DoM and hour). Then, in the label of your Branch step, check that ‘DoM = 1 && hour > 0 && hour < 3’. Something like that, you get the point. HTH.


Thanks a lot, to both of you Saurabh and Michael, for answering my WM question. I followed Michael’s suggestion, since it was close to what I was already doing. I did not know the specific syntax, but with Michael’s hints it worked fine. Thanks again!


I am a beginner to webMethods.Am using webMethods 6.1.Can anyone suggest me some good tutorial with examples so that i have hands-on-session using them.
I searched the forum.But,it directs me to

I need some basic examples(anything like Java2 complete reference!)
Thanks in advance.