how to pass the parameters from one portlet to another


How to pass the parameters from one portlet to another.
In which property I should specify the second portlet name.


In wM Designer 7.1 it works as follows:
I have a Portlet Simple Link that contains two children: an Output Text that is displayed and an Extended Portlet URL.

The Portlet URL has its property Base URL set to the page (alias) that it wants to link to. That can be either a page or a portlet.

It has another Extended Portlet URL as its child with the Portlet property set to the (alias of) the Portlet on the page you want to link to. This second Portlet URL has Extended Portlet Parameters as children that pass the parameters to the portlet.

The parameters must be the same as the target portlet preferences (case aware).

In the outline view it looks like this:

  • Portlet Simple Link
    • O Portlet Url
      • Extended Portlet Url (with Base
        • Extended Portlet Url (with
          • Extended Portlet Parameter parm1
          • Extended Portlet Parameter parm2
          • Extended Portlet Parameter parm3
    • Text