how to pass drop down value to flow service


I have a drop down generated in UI , i am calling a “raise on change” and a async hidden command to call a flow service and pass selected drop down value .
I have assigned the service input with drop down result provider - it is not working .

Also i am failing to generate the drop down dynamically - right now i have hard coded the values , but i want to generate it by getting data from database .

Please suggest .

Jasmeen Kaur

made a WSC and then in the ACTION “Initialize” add flow implementation (rigth clik) then add action, the refresh() action form de WSC of the service. then drag the output Result of the WSC into your dropdown.

it worked for string list as output not document list .

i have document list with hardcoded values - that gets populated fine

but when i try with a execSQL to generate a document list holding data from query that always fails
but now i convert this document list into string list and it is working i.e

generating a document list with data from query and then converting it into string list - only then list is getting populated on UI with data properly .

thanks jorge as i had missed - the refresh() action in implementation / with that n having string list my things work

Jasmeen Kaur