How to Pass Async Table Row Value to the Flow Service


I have created TablecontentProvider for asycTable and now i need to pass column value of each row to the Flow service and i have to get the flow service output in another column of the same row.

In the below image, checkaction column i have to get and show the Flowservice output by passing country and documenttile column value of each row.

can anyone guide me, how to do this.

Elango K

Steps to take to help make this work:

  1. If you haven’t already, I’d be tempted to make the data structure so it contains all fields in the table.
  2. Don’t bind the table’s provider to a web service output; instead create a new data field in the Bindings view; select the same data type as the web service output and make it an array.
  3. When the web service first refreshes, copy the data into your new data field, so it displays in the table.
  4. When you want to process the contents of the table, call a second web service that takes the same array of document type as input and also has it as output. Replace your data field’s contents with the output of this second web service.

Hi Rob Grant,

Thanks for your reply.
Actually i want to bind country to the flow service input so that it will return string list as a output which i need to use like a drop down list in same row. similarly based on country detail i will give drop down list for that country.
so each row i need to bind country value to the flow service.
whether it is possible or not.


you can do it but you same id value of your local value and the String table result, use provider it will help you to reach the result.

Hopes it helps

Best regards