How to obtain Jdbc adpater connection Metadata

I’m trying to create a JDBC adapter connection using the flow service: in WmART package.
Following are the inputs required:

adapterTypeName: JDBCAdapter
connectionFactoryType: ?? what do i need to provide here?

How can i obtain the connection metadata?

for creating SAP adapter, connectionFactoryType is

What is the connectionFactoryType for JDBC adapter?


To get the connectionFactoryType, just navigate to below file path and check if JDBCConnectionFactory.class is there or not.


If you find the class file in above path, then your connectionFacotryType will be "com.wm.adapter.wmjdbc.connection.JDBCConnectionFactory "

Hi Anna,

can you explain your use case why you are creating the connections by using the service?

I prefer creating the connections (and listeners) via IS Admin UI for the corresponding adapters.
IS Admin UI will rung this service in behind the scenes with the correct values if neccessary.