how to move pipeline variables into next scope

i wanted to move variable scope into to next page can you please help me on this.

when user click on login button i am invoking home.dsp. from this page redirecting leftnav.dsp page
her i want to disply user name in leftnav.dsp page

when write this code it/s not working
%value username%

this is login page code:

<FORMmethod=“POST” ACTION=“home.dsp”>


home.dsp code

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%value username%

it’s not working.

You can carry forward the variables from one page to other using URL parameters. For example, in your case, you can append the username details to your leftnav.dsp URL in the frameset “src” and carry that information.

In your home.dsp code, change the frame tag for “leftnav.dsp” to below:

<frame name="contents" src="leftnav.dsp?username=%value username%" scrolling="no" noresize=""> 

After above change, you should be able to see the username in your leftnav.dsp.