How to monitor TN DB Pool

Can anyone please let me know how to monitor a TN DB Pool and throw an notify when it reaches max pool size.


Are you familiar with Optimize for Infrastructure? If your company owns a license for this product, that would be the way to go. It comes with a few built-in rules for TN.


Hi Castrop,

Thanks for your reply. Our company doesn’t have the license to optimize and we dont have it. So, we’re looking something in the Developer whether there are any builtin services.


In that case you may have to look thru WmRoot package proprietary services and depend on it (just invoke it, no customization)


Hi rmg, can you tell us a name as an example of the wmroot package proprietary server?


As the IS internally uses WmRoot services that throws the error/alerts you may have to deep thru the WmRoot services…If get some time will let you know…